Larry Hurn today I got up to the sound of a phone ringing. Then I heard my dogs barking.
Larry Hurn Yo check it out. . . yo check it the fuck out. I need you to say something. Now!
Larry Hurn this rioting is crazy. what is your thoughts?
Larry Hurn um do not kill your self over free things.... Money is free!! I would be glad to show you...
Larry Hurn As you come to my site. Please understand this is me being black in America. I typed all the code my self. You can hold money in your own account, send money to others, gamble one on one or win in a lottery.
Larry Hurn lets talk money from yahoo
Chariot CEO Seems like you was right all along fam. About the technology shit.
Larry Hurn My mom from another brother, the granny to my kids. I will miss you.
Larry Hurn Nothing
Larry Hurn yea I did it call me then