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I just can't seem to get this right. For the past 20+ years I have wanted to give black American people a heads up in life. I thought about this for a few years before I decided to learn computers. With these skills I wanted to build a website so it could give everyone money. At the time in 1997 when I first made titoub.com I just barely knew html and a few years later I picked up php and then I built Bank of Titoub. Here I made a way for everyone to have a wallet and use the American dollar along side my new electronic currency named the T-Dollar. You can get these by someone sending you T-Dollars, trading T-Gold for T-Dollars or winning Bets for T-Dollars. T-Gold would be the only Dollar cashed in or out for American Dollars. This way each person can get there own tax.

But the problem is not me. We all fight the fight of poverty which is set to keep us broke minded. At this time it is being forced upon all by the rich in order for them to stay rich and get richer. We all heard this and know of it but where is our fight back. What is our solution to the problem at hand. When will we act, how will we act, who will act and most importantly who will we act on.

I was thinking we could try it again. In one point in life we as black Americans had somethings and those things was taken and destroyed. we must learn from our mistakes and try again. Everyday would bring with it new challenges that we must combat head on, not meaning fight all the time, but not folding. This is titoub.com back to square one cause everyone is not here.... Sign up or log-in

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